Club Activities

S4 Coordinator

Prof. Dharmishtha R. Chaudhari (Comp. Engg. Dept.)


S4 Club Members

Sr. No. Department Faculty
1 Chemical Engineering Prof. P.B. Patel
2 Civil Engineering Prof. N.J. Shakwala
3 Computer Engineering Prof. D.J. Rana
4 Electrical Engineering Prof. M. H. Kansara
5 Mechanical Engineering Prof. K.M. Desai
6 Science and Humanity Prof. M.H. Mangrola



1) Seminar

Study and Industrial Visit in Germany was organized on 11th March 2014 for Final year students. Almost 150 students of FETR and N. G. Patel Poly Technique from different disciplines had participated the seminar.

2) Employability Skill test

Online WheeBOX Employability Skill Test conducted for all final year students during 7th to 11th April 2014 to bring reliable and authentic assessment to various aspects of education, training and employment.

3) Project Fair

“Project Fair – Poster Presentation” organized on 3rd May 2014. The Final year students participated in the Project Fair by showing the Projects in terms of Posters and Live Demonstration of their projects. Almost 200 students and 50 faculties from various departments have visited the Project Fair.