Student Achievements

  1. Smit desai, Ratnadeep Mishra, Ashutosh Joshi students of Mech-12 and Prof A.K. Desai, Asst Prof. MED,FETR have presented a paper on “Review paper on nanofluid and its application at lower temperature” in International Journal of IJARESM in May 2016. ISSN: 2394-1766.
  2. Tirthesh Bhatt student of Mech-13 selected in International Educational Program as part of GTU in power plant engineering and machine design courses at Kansas state college of engineering, Manhattan Kansas,USA in June 2016 to August 2016.
  3. Hiren ghelani, Kishan lunagariya students of Mech-12 and Prof. K. B. Rathod, Head,M.E.D,FETR, Paper Published on “Comparative Analysis and Optimization of Selective Laser Sintering and Casting Process.” in National Journal of EIOCD in at Umrakh college on 9th April 2016.
  4. Nirmit Sidhdhapuria, Dhruv Panwala, Parth Navasariwala, Jay Desai and Jaymin Panchal students from Mech-14 are certified as a level II for LPT and MPT in Non Destructive Testing by DIIS, Surat in July 2016.