Library is the source to increase your knowledge power. Library is the most effective part of the engineering education. At FETR college the library facilitate learning printed media such as Standard Textbooks, Reference books, National & International journals with voluminous reference section. It also has rich collection of e- materials available locally on the institute LAN. The library is spread across 400 square meter area including four separate halls one each for reference, circulation, reading and digital library. The library is computerized using soul 2.0 software. The library extends reprographic facility to the users. Book bank facility is available for 1st year and 2nd year students.



Titles 3411
Volumes 10890
National Journals 30
International Journals
Magazines 15
General Books 872
Online E-journals (Hardcopy + Softopy)
Multimedia PC`s 10 + 4
Books CD/DVD 315
Magazines/Journals CD/DVD 62
Other Education CD/DVD 2
No. of Book bank sets for 1st year 170
No. of Book bank sets for 2nd year 92



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  2. Issue Section
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  4. Magazine, Journal Section
  5. Book Bank facility – For Details ->Click Here
  6. Multimedia Lab for Students
  7. Online E-Journals
  8. E-Book.
  9. Books/Journals CD & DVD. Facility
  10. Photocopy Facility
  11. Online E-Journals
  12. Multimedia Laboratory
  13. Daily News Paper
  14. Reference Books

FETR library has Dictionaries, All subject Reference books, Audio/Video CD DVD etc. Users can refer there documents during library hours.