Sr. No. Laboratory Name List of Equipment
1 Chemistry & Chemical Process Industries  Lab. Digital pH meter, Potentiometer, Digital Electronic Balance, Conductivity Meter,
Water Distillation Unit,  Turbidity Meter
2 Environment/ Project Lab. B.O.D Incubator, C.O.D digester, Hot Plate 8″ DFA S.S , Spectrophotometer , Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Portable Gas Sampler
3 Heat Transfer Lab. Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod, Heat Transfer in Natural Convection, Heat Transfer in Forced Convection, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger , Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
4 Process Automation Lab. Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester, Control Valve Characteristic Trainer, Two Tank System (Intracting-Nonintracting), Closed Loop flow & level control system trainer , SCADA Application Software, Closed Loop pressure & temperature control system trainer
5 Mechanical Operation Lab. Cyclone Separator, Roll crusher , Jaw Crusher, Vibrating Screen , Ball Mill , Sieve Shaker
6 Mass Transfer Lab. Diffusion Coefficient of Organic Liquid in air with travelling microscope, Absorption in Packed Bed, Natural Draft Tray Dryer, Vapour Lquid Equilibrium Setup, Experimental Water Cooling Tower , Bubble Cap Distillation Column , Adsorption in Packed Bed , Rotary Dryer , Vacuum Water Jet Pump ,
7 Petrolium Refining & Petrochemicals Lab. Pensky Martin Apparatus , Standard Penetrometer , Ring & Ball Apparatus , Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus , Flash Point Apparatus , Red Wood Viscometer , Smoke Point Apparatus , Carbon Residue Apparatus
8 Advance Separation Technique Lab. Short Path Distillation Unit , Reverse Osmosis , Perma Pilot Plant
9 Nodal ChemCad Lab. ChemCad Software , General Algebric Modeling System(GAMS) , Scilab.
10 Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab. Residence Time Distribution studies in continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) , Residence Time Distribution studies in Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) , Residence Time Distribution studies in Sine Tube Reactor , Jacketed Reactor .

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