Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Department has been established with a vision of providing quality engineers to fulfil the need of industries in forth coming days. It is well equipped with qualified and dynamic faculties. The department has developed state of art laboratories for Fluid Flow Operation, Chemical Process Industries, Instrumentation & Process Control, Mechanical Operations, Heat Transfer Operations, Mass Transfer Operations, Chemical Reaction Engineering, New Separation Techniques, Bio-Chemical Engineering, Process Simulation & Computer Aided Process Design and Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical Technologies. Department is working with mission of imparting not only sound technical knowledge but also skills in problem solving and team working.

Chemical Engineering Department has been recognized as Schedule-I Environmental Auditor by Gujarat Pollution Control Board and carried out Environmental Audit Work of 45 various chemical industries


Chemical Engineering department has signed MOU with M/s Indigenious Solution Pvt Ltd. Mumbai For CHEM CAD Suite simulation software courses


The mission can be achieved by effective classroom teaching in conventional way for sound fundamentals which can be value added by utilizing modern instruments of teaching-learning. Technical skill can be imparted through effective practical work with modern instruments and software as well as industrial exposure.


To participate in nation’s progress by creating fundamentally sound and technically skilled technocrats by nourishing them at grass root level.

Programme Educational Objectives

  1. Describe the PEO: Programme educational objective is to teach higher secondary pass and eligible students the core concept of chemical engineering and their industrial application through effective class room teaching and relevant experimentation in laboratories.
  2. Establish Consistency of PEOs with Mission of the Institute Mission of the institute is ” Committed to achieve, maintain and continuously improve technical excellence, ethical values and overall development of student’s community of especially rural area and the nation as a whole.”The department is putting its best input to achieve aforesaid mission of the institute through effective, thorough and regular classroom teaching as a first step. The class room teaching is value added through power point slides, overhead projectors and video films etc. Further, students are conducting experimentation relevant to theories in well equipped laboratories. They are also taken to industries relevant to subject as well as imparted additional knowledge by arranging expert lectures.
  3. Justify the academic factors involved in achievement of the PEOsWe are achieving our PEO through synchronizing Academicia along with Industrial exposure.  We use subject related expert faculties to provide in-depth knowledge through lucid interaction during classes and such theories can be realized during laboratory sessions. We usually define subject teacher prior to term opening and it is necessary for them to prepare subject notes of every class separately.
  4. Explain how the administrative system helps in ensuring the achievement of the PEOs Our requirements of Chemicals and Glass wares are fulfilled by the administrative department with in time. So, we can conduct our laboratory as per schedule time. If any new equipment is required in developed laboratory, then they provide it with short period of time.
  5. Indicate the additional co-curricular activities undertaken towards the attainment of the PEOs We use time by time video lectures and presentations of some other experts to make our teaching more effective and provide additional information. We also organize industrial tours related to subject concern to the semester. We keep maintain data of progress report of all students and inspired them to believe that they can do far better than their current status.
  6. Indicate the tools and processes used in assessment of the achievement of the PEOs Our college organizes two mid-semester exam instead of one, so we can judge the knowledge of the students twice in a semester. And if we found that students are lacking in any topic or unit, then we are arranging extra classes and also conducting class room tests to assess the students’ understanding. Sometimes we are arranging the technical quiz in the classroom for particular subject to know the depth of students’ knowledge.
  7. Provide the evidence of the achievement of the PEOs We cannot provide the soft copy of the test papers right now.

Programme Outcomes

  1. List the Course Outcomes(COs) and Programme Outcomes (POs) The B.E. is an application of applied science which turned into product or process realization. Specifically chemical engineering is a fusion of applied chemistries and fundamentals of process engineering. The program is designed in such a way that it would expose students in modern engineering as well as let them learn basics in a better manner.
  2. Illustrate how course outcomes contribute to the POs The whole chemical engineering course framework is fabricated in such a way that it synchronize the basic subject with modern technological outcome along with industrial applications.
  3. Indicate the extent to which the laboratory and project course work are contributing towards the attainment of the POs Laboratories plays very important role for students to practice theory in applicable way. Laboratories make them learn real time problem solutions.
  4. Describe assessment tools and processes used for assessing the attainment of each PO There are varieties of evaluation techniques like examination, viva, practical training, tutorials and class room interaction. Amalgamation of all parameters combines to clarify the picture regarding program outcome.
  5. Indicate results of evaluation of each PO Students success ratio in professional life and acceptability within industrial circle would truly give precise evaluation of result of PO.

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